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How to apply make up
We all like to use make-up at some time or another. Here are some pointers to get it right so that you can get the best effect and look as beautiful as you possibly can. Start with a clean face. Wash your face or
Use makeup to look 2 times younger
Today I have a question for all the lovely ladies. Don’t we all want to look beautiful every day? Don’t we all want to look younger than age? I guess the answer to this would be yes. Yes, it is true that we all
Natural makeup for gorgeous skin
We all love to look flawless and effortlessly beautiful but that is not always possible. There are many ladies who have been trying to look for ways by which they won’t have to dab on heavy foundation every day and yet look gorgeous in
Smokey eye makeup for partying right away
Whenever getting ready for a party, makeup plays a very important in it. Even in makeup, eye makeup is something which is noticed by everyone. If you are going for a casual party or just to a disc to enjoy then you cannot be
Tricks and tips for beginners interested in makeup
I know many people who think that makeup is only for experts. Well that is partially true and partially false. I agree that makeup is for experts but not only for them. These experts were also beginners at some point of time. Everybody can
Best make up tips for dusky complexion
Many girls are under the wrong impression that makeup is only for fair people. Makeup is for everybody. No matter what your complexion is but you can rock any occasion with the use of just a little makeup. There are many styling tips for
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