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Tips to Pick Out Wedding Shoes
For a bride getting married in a few weeks, and making sure that every detail of the wedding is meticulously planned is very important. There are a million tiny details that have to work well together on the wedding day for a woman to
Best Shoes Options for the Spring
Shoes! Most of us women love shoes, love to buy shoes and a few are never enough. There are different types of shoes- heels, stilettos, flats, daywear, evening wear, party wear, casual wear, sport wear and also different colors, patterns, designs, styles, looks, trends
How to Wear High Heels in the Fall/Winter Season
Every fashion season is unique in the types of fashions that become popular. Clothes are an aspect of fashion that are very important in an ensemble but so are the shoes. The right pair of shoes can make an outfit look amazing, whereas hideous
Stylish Boots of the Season
Fall/Winter is a season where it gets windy, cold and snowy. At the best of times there is a gentle breeze and a nip in the air and at the first of times there is heavy snow. But just because the weather is tricky
Hottest Shoes of the Season
Shoes are very important to women and most women love to buy shoes. Shoes can be regular daily wear shoes, flats, high heels, pumps, slippers, boots or wedges among others. There is no such thing like too many shoes in the closet. Fashions in
Major Shoes Fashions of Summer 2014
Shoes are a very important part of fashion and most women love to buy new shoes all the time. Like accessories and clothing, shoes fashions are followed by fashionable women or else the whole look is ruined. Shoes play a major role in fashion
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