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7 tips to create your own style
Many people think that to look stylish one needs to have a fat bank balance, to be able to wave one’s credit card in the high street mall and emerge looking like a film star. Not so. Not every stylish person is stinking rich.
Fat girls and fashion go together
Who says fashion is not for fat girls? Come on. You are a girl. You want to look good. You see other girls wearing shorts and mini-skirts and think, “I wish I could wear that!” Well guess what? You can. There is no one
Dress as per your body type
Everybody has a body type. This body type might be different for everyone. We all want to look flawless but we are under the wrong i9mpression that only slim bodies are the perfect body types and that is the body which could look flawless
5 Classic Prints That Are Always in Style
Fashion is a dynamic dimension which changes every now and then. Sometimes it becomes tough to coordinate with the changing platform and renovate your wardrobe. Designs and colors get older vey easily. Not all types of clothes can be adored as a proud vintage
Can Fashion Transform A Person Internally?
Fashion is a part of our daily lives. It is something that we have to deal with everyday. Fashion is a widely popular practise or art. It is distinctive in the sense that every individual has a different sense of what fashion is. It
How can one express Fashion without being too Fashion conscious
The definition of the word ‘Fashion’ varies from individual to individual. ‘Fashion’ is a very broad term carrying innumerable different connotations. A particular outfit that appeals as really elegant and fashionable in your eyes, might seem ridiculous to somebody else. Hence there is no
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