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Luxury Handbags 2015
Luxury handbags are increasingly becoming affordable to a large section of upper middle class and of course for wealthy people all over the world. Luxury handbags are status symbols and are part of the entire ensemble of stylish people all over the world. As
Top Trendy Types of Bags – 2015
Handbags, purses, clutches, totes and different types of bags are an essential part of the overall look and outfit. They are very useful as one can carry many items in them depending on the size of the bag and also use it as an
Stylish Handbags – 2013
  A Handbag is and will always be a woman’s favorite fashion accessory. This is the main reason why handbags are forever the top selling accessories in the fashion industry. An expensive designer handbag is become a status symbol for every woman whether she
It’s a Handbag not a Travel Kit
I have been a victim of loading my shoulders with over size handbags, stocking it up with all the things in the world. Only when my bag handles gave up and started tearing apart, I realised I was carrying a luggage not a bag.
Best Trends for Bags in Summer 2013
  Studded bags are back in vibrant colors and fine leather or semi-leather touch. Shiny heavy metal work on clutches and small hand bags are a big showcase this year.      Go small and pack away your big size bags this summer. The size has
Plastic Sheen In Your Everyday Style
All season favourite and very urban style, transparent bags and shoes have again stood out in market but with some happy surprises. This time transparent bags are also available in cute clutches and mid-size tote unlike last year. I have seen some very fine