Fashion in the world of today is not just for celebrities and movie stars. It is for anyone who wants to look good. The ever changing world of fashion can be explored on television, newspapers and of-course the internet. One can get the latest designs and fashions and get updated every season. As changes occur

Many people think that to look stylish one needs to have a fat bank balance, to be able to wave one’s credit card in the high street mall and emerge looking like a film star. Not so. Not every stylish person is stinking rich. What they are rich in is having genuine style sense. Of-course

A great pair of sunglasses can instantly up your look  and make you feel like a heroine. Of-course, you do need to know which pair is just perfect for you. When looking for sunglasses you need to remember a couple of  things: The glasses should protect your eyes from the sun. They should suit your

Winter is fast approaching. In fact, it’s here already. Just as the seasons change and make a cyclical comeback so too in fashion. Things that were in vogue yesterday come back again. What better time than now to go with the flow and follow the change. Trends to try out this season : Denim on

We all like to use make-up at some time or another. Here are some pointers to get it right so that you can get the best effect and look as beautiful as you possibly can. Start with a clean face. Wash your face or apply cleanser. Next apply a primer all over the face. Start

There are many times when we believe that our old clothes are whole lot of mess and its time to get rid of them. The main reason behind this is that we have worn those clothes so many times that we don’t find anything exciting in it anymore and that is why we try to