Today I have a question for all the lovely ladies. Don’t we all want to look beautiful every day? Don’t we all want to look younger than age? I guess the answer to this would be yes. Yes, it is true that we all want to look beautiful everyday and believe me it’s not that

Fashion is for everybody. It doesn’t differentiate between a guy or a girl in fact it opens new paths to help both the genders enjoy fashion. Styling tips for guys could be very different from those of girls. Here are a few styling tips for both guys and girls which could be very beneficial. For

Makeup has become a very important part of every woman’s life. Be it a teenager, a working lady or a house wife, makeup has become everybody’s best friend. There are a few makeup essentials that need to be kept with girls at all times in their handbags because you never know when you might feel

Lips play a very important role for a woman when makeup is considered. Lipsticks have become a very important part of every woman’s everyday makeup routine. There are many numbers which could amaze you and fascinate you as well. Out of all, red lip shade has been hyping up in the fashion industry for decades

We all love to look flawless and effortlessly beautiful but that is not always possible. There are many ladies who have been trying to look for ways by which they won’t have to dab on heavy foundation every day and yet look gorgeous in their own skin. There are ways by which this is possible.

Everybody has a body type. This body type might be different for everyone. We all want to look flawless but we are under the wrong i9mpression that only slim bodies are the perfect body types and that is the body which could look flawless in any dress type. Anybody can look flawless if it is