The traditional way to drape the sari is to twist the piece around the waist one time tucking it in the petticoat all around. Now make pleats in the centre. Tuck these too in the petticoat firmly. Place the remaining material called the ‘anchal’ over the left shoulder. The “aanchal” is the portion of the

Would you have thought that clothes could get green too? Eco-friendly clothing is fast catching on in Singapore. As people are getting more Eco-conscious labels are fast getting green. Etrican is one such Eco-friendly brand. It was in the sidelines till recently but is now making a mark as an Eco-friendly label. High street label

A saree is not just a six yards of garment that is draped around us. It is part of our inheritance, our culture and our very identity. A saree is a symbol of all that is graceful and beautiful and we should wear it with pride. When worn correctly there is no other dress that

It seems that women cannot have enough of handbags. Women normally have to carry a million things with them when they go out. It’s not just make-up, car or house keys, but shopping lists, reminders, the baby’s teether and what not. A woman necessarily has to carry a purse or a bag with her that

Vanity in choice of fashion is giving way to comfort it seems. Nobody wants to suffer for fashion any more. It seems that simple comfort is dictating the move away from heels. Women say that more and more of their numbers are opting to wear flats to office. It makes walking, running, just moving around

Who says fashion is not for fat girls? Come on. You are a girl. You want to look good. You see other girls wearing shorts and mini-skirts and think, “I wish I could wear that!” Well guess what? You can. There is no one stopping you but yourself. You stammer, “B-but fat girls can’t’ carry


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